Sugahara Kisen Co., Ltd. started business using a motor vessel that previous president bought in Shimokamagari, flourished as marine traffic point through the ages, located by Seto Inland Sea and came to this day.

We grew up on ships when childhood and took over shipping trade inevitably. To love a vessel, sea and crews and manage a vessel run into my blood. Our mission is to carry our important cusmters' baggages safely, surely and efficiently. Our goal is to be the company our cusmter says "No problem if leaving baggage for Sugahara Kisen Co.,Ltd" and rely on us from our cargo owners and operaters.

To realize that, we exactly need to recognize importance of social responsibility for safe navigation, attention of environment and so on. In addition, operating a ship is crews' job , so we cooperate with them and work on shipping management together.

                                  President  Hirofumi Sugahara


[President] Hirofumi Sugahara

[Executive Manager] Katsutoshi Sugahara